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OpenAIRE and FOSTER trainings - OAWeek
From Monday 22 October 2018
To Sunday 28 October 2018
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OpenAIRE and FOSTER for a series of webinars and tutorials


OpenAIRE and FOSTER are hosting a new series of webinars and tutorials during Open Access Week 2018 (October 22 - 26).

Five days, five different tracks following an interactive, mixed approach. You’ll have the chance to subscribe to dedicated ‘tracks’, each of which involves reviewing 1 or 2 short online tutorials along with some supporting information. Even an old-fashioned webinar will be thrown here and there! You can subscribe to one (or all!) of these tracks and you will be provided with all relevant information you need the week starting October 15. You can browse the tutorials and learning materials at your own pace, and then bring any questions you might have to dedicated Q&A sessions during Open Access Week. We'll have a range of Open Science experts on hand to help answer your questions.

All tutorials and webinars will be accessible without subscribing. However, if you would like to submit any questions beforehand, receive reminders or want to be kept in the loop afterwards, you’ll need to register (there is only one form, in this you can register for all tracks and webinars you want to attend).






  • Track 4: Open Science Policies: what you need to know, how to advise on good policy making, and information/trends on policies in Europe



Stand-alone live webinars:

  • Ask us anything: FOSTER
  • Ask us anything: OpenAIRE
  • Guest webinar: OpenMinTeD: services for content providers, researchers and TDM software developers
    • JOIN the meeting on October 25th at 2 PM CEST
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