Submitting a blog article to OpenUP Hub step by step

How to submit your blog article in 7 easy steps.

Submitting a blog article to OpenUP Hub step by step

Are you an Open Science advocate aiming to advance a more open and gender-sensitive science system? Do you believe that open peer review processes are missing from the research lifecycle? Would you like to recommend any innovative dissemination method or help other people learn more about Altmetrics? It all starts with an idea. Find out how to publish an article in OpenUP Hub, in 7 simple steps and make your voice heard. The steps are pretty simple, let's start!

1. As a first step, make sure that you are signed in, otherwise, go to the Sign in page.

2. As a second step, select from the drop-down menu Community>Blog and click SUBMIT BLOG ARTICLE. 



3. You are there! Now you can start writing; add a Title, a Subtitle and your Text.

4. Upload and insert an Image of your preference and select a Category, that your article should fall into. Categories are there to help other readers to identify what your blog is really about (overall context). 


5. Choose or assign the relevant Tags to label your articles to describe specific details of your posts and insert a Teaser Image (you can upload one of your preference as in step 4).


 6. Click Submit and hurrah, the article has been successfully submitted! 


7. Lay back while the administration team will take over for editing and make your article public. 


In any case, you need any further information or help, please contact our administration team via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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