Fellow Program Free Knowledge: Open Webinar on Open Peer Review


New models of open peer review (OPR) are emerging that open up traditional, closed processes, making them more transparent, collaborative and/or network-based. This webinar describes recent work conducted by the OpenAIRE and OpenUP projects to define models of OPR, gauge stakeholder attitudes and lay out a roadmap for future OPR implementation.
It focuses on how OPR can potentially strengthen research evaluation, describing how alternative peer review tools and methods could better shape scholarly communication and how they contribute to the strengthening Open Science agenda.
Specific issues included in the presentations are the variety of models; barriers/drivers for moving OPR mainstream; attitudes to OPR (what reviewers, authors and editors actually want); how to motivate and credit review work; technical infrastructure and platforms; and the next steps for researching the efficacy of different OPR models.

Target audience:

The webinar is of interest to all with an interest in how research evaluation can better meet the aims of Open Science.


Tony Ross-Hellauer (@tonyr_h) & Dr. Edit Görögh (@gorogh_edit)

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