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The report proposes a vision for the future of scholarly communication; it examines the current system -with its strengths and weaknesses- and its main actors. It considers the roles of researchers, research institutions, funders and policymakers, publishers and other service providers, as well as citizens and puts forward recommendations addressed to each of them.

scholarly communication guidelines H2020
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This guide shows you how to use social media in Horizon 2020 projects. Published on 6 April 2018.

scholarly communication Dissemination guidelines
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The OpenUP dissemination strategy as formulated in deliverable D2.1 is a practical example of how dissemination can be implemented in an EU project.

open peer review open science Dissemination altmetrics book training
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The Open Science training handbook is an open, living handbook on Open Science training. It is a key resource and a first step towards developing Open Access and Open Science curricula, supporting and connecting an emerging Open Science community that wishes to pass on their knowledge as multipliers.

peer review open science Dissemination impact open data report
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The Science as an open enterprise report highlights the need to grapple with the huge deluge of data created by modern technologies in order to preserve the principle of openness and to exploit data in ways that have the potential to create a second open science revolution.
Exploring massive amounts of data using modern digital technologies has enormous potential for science and its application in public policy and business. The report maps out the changes that are required by scientists, their institutions and those that fund and support science if this potential is to be realised.

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