Definition of Research Dissemination


What is Research Dissemination? Here you will find the definition of Dissemination according to OpenUP project and European Commission.

According to the EC’s definition, communication in EU projects has the purpose to:

  • Show the added value that projects provide to scientific excellence, Europe’s competitiveness, and for solving societal challenges.
  • Show the relevance of the project's results for our everyday lives (e.g. creating jobs, novel technologies, making our lives more comfortable).
  • Make better use of the project's results through better take-up by decision makers, policy makers, industry, scientific community.

The Commission recommends to strategically communicate research project outcomes by following these three principles:

  • Clarify target audience(s) and message(s) before deciding on the media to be used
  • Clearly define the objectives of your communication (Why? What?)
  • Plan your creative communication strategy to achieve the desired and targeted outcomes (communication objectives)

Definition of dissemination adopted by OpenUP:

Dissemination is an activity that can be targeted at academia as well as at broader audiences. One of the crucial characteristics is that dissemination facilitates research uptake and understanding. It is a planned process that involves consideration of target audiences; consideration of the settings in which research findings are to be received; and communicating and interacting with wider audiences in ways that will facilitate research uptake in decision-making processes and practice (where appropriate).


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