Guidelines for Gender Mainstreaming Academia, 2016

Short Description

The purpose of this material is to serve as an introduction for the universities partaking in the Gender Mainstreaming in Academia (GMA) program. The material presents a general model for the assessment of gendered inequalities, focusing on a set of operational processes complemented by guiding questions.

The guiding questions target different parts of the organisation and aim to point out ways to implement, or continue, the work of gender mainstreaming within the organisation. Note that several questions require statistical material and in-depth analysis in order to achieve relevant strategies for change. The guidelines presented are based on the Secretariat’s experiences from the related project Gender Mainstreaming in Government Agencies (GMGA), as well as the latest research on and evaluation of gender mainstreaming in public administration.


Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research at the University of Gothenburg


Tags: gender equality guidelines

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